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We understand as Estate Agents you invest a lot of time and money on generating new business, which is fantastic. However, we also understand how costly and time consuming it is to manage the existing business you work so tirelessly to win.

Estate Agents


  • Staffing cost of Property Managers, Account Managers and Administrators
  • Cost of additional office space
  • The IT hardware and software costs
  • Telecommunications
  • Company Vehicles
  • Holiday leaves
  • Absence & Sickness Days
  • Maternity Cover/Paternity 
  • Managerial cost for Head of Department

It all adds up...

This is where MY PROPERTY MANAGER comes in:

  • We take over the management of your portfolio so you could reduce your operational cost and focus on the growth of your business.
  • No longer will you need to deal with any maintenance issues such as leaks, boiler break downs and failed appliances as we are equipped to resolve all nature if issues efficiently and effectively.
  • Our dedicated accounts team will handle all the rental payments, fee deductions and rental arrears as and when required.
  • You will be provided with a dedicated property maintenance reporting portal with your company branding (Branding Optional).

Each month you will receive a full portfolio report, this will include information such as:

  • Total number of issues reported
  • Total number of issues dealt with
  • The average time it has taken to resolve an issue

This will allow you to monitor the service levels that are being delivered to your clients.



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